Why CBD Testing Is Important

Why CBD Testing Is Important

As the CBD market is a rapidly expanding one with little regulation one must be weary of fraudulent products, therefore Total Hemp CBD highly recommends only purchasing products with testing data from a reputable firm.

Top CBD Testing Companies:

  1. SC Labs
  2. Steep Hill Labs
  3. PharmLabs
  4. CWC Labs
  5. Green Leaf Lab

Inconsistent testing in the current CBD environment

Bad Labeling and Testing

In a 2016 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, 84 CBD products were purchased online, only 31% of which were found to be accurately labeled; 43% were under labeled (meaning they contained more CBD than claimed); and 26% were over labeled (meaning they contained less CBD than claimed).

Label accuracy was greatest among CBD oils, with 45% of oil products testing out within the allowed 10% margin of variance. Accuracy was lowest with CBD vape liquids; where only 12.5% of those products tested within the allowed range.

In 2015, the FDA tested 18 CBD products from 5 different companies. The next year, they tested 22 products from 8 companies. The FDA found that none had the amount of CBD they claimed to.

Not only did the products not have the amount of CBD they claimed to have on the bottle, 9 of the samples tested didn’t have any CBD at all. An additional 11 products contained less than 1 mg of CBD. Part of the reason for this is that CBD does not have a psychoactive effect when they take it, so there is more opportunity for fraud with CBD products.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the FDA sent warning letters to CBD Companies for producing fake CBD or items claiming to be CBD containing no CBD at all. You can view the complete list here.