What To Look For in Your CBD Hemp Products

What To Look For in Your CBD Hemp Products

When selecting a CBD Hemp Product you should always be sure to do your due diligence and consider the following:

Lab Testing

First and foremost make sure to only purchase lab tested products from a trusted source. Testing information doesn’t just include CBD% and CBD ratio but it also tests for things like mold, bacteria, pesticides and other harmful agents. For more information on CBD Testing click here.

CBD-Rich Products

To get the maximum beneficial effects, choose products that are rich in CBD and are whole plant. See Entourage Effect for more information on why choosing whole plant derived CBD products offer maximum benefit. See CBD Rich Strains for more information on the specific CBD rich strains of cannabis.

Clear Labels

Make sure the products you are considering have clear labeling of the quantity and ratio of CBD. Other information provided on the label should be; testing date, manufacturing date, ingredients and recommended dosages.

Quality & Safe Ingredients

Always check a Hemp CBD product to make sure that it only contains ingredients that are generally considered safe and healthy for consumption. If a product doesn’t provide a complete ingredient list that should be considered a red flag. Some products are gluten free, GMO free and even vegan.