Which CBD Product is Right For You?

Which CBD Product is Right For You?

Hemp CBD products are available in many forms and can be taken in various ways. The most appropriate delivery system for CBD is one that provides the greatest benefit with the least amount of side effects.

Hemp CBD Vaporizer

Vaporizing extract with a cartridge or other device offers very rapid benefits and relief. Since a vaporizer heats the cannabis flower or oil without burning it, the active ingredients are inhaled as a vapor and no smoke is involved, which makes it a healthier alternative. Vaporizers are also very discreet and portable, making them perfect when on the go.

Hemp CBD Tincture

Tinctures are herbal remedies in which the active ingredients of cannabis are dissolved in alcohol or another solvent. Their effect, duration and dosing are similar to that of edibles. Tinctures are very versatile and can be taken straight or mixed with food or beverage. Some tinctures are flavored and some are not.

Hemp CBD Oral Sprays

Oral sprays are cannabis extracts mixed with another substance like coconut oil or a solvent. The cannabis concentrate is sprayed under the tongue and is quickly absorbed. The initial effects are generally felt within 5 to 15 minutes so they are considerably faster than edibles are typically. Sublingual sprays are a good option for consistent, discrete, and timely consumption.

Hemp CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are foods or snacks made with cannabis-infused oil or butter. The effects of edibles vary but typically the effects last for 4 to 6 hours, which is considerably longer than other products. On the flipside edibles take much longer to kick in than other options, so they are not good for instant relief. However the slow onset and longer duration make edibles best for chronic conditions that require a long, steady, time-released dosage. With edibles you need to be careful to not over consume. When taking edibles make sure to start slow and wait at least an hour before deciding to increase consumption.  

Hemp CBD Capsules & Gel Caps

CBD Oil and CBD Isolate can also be taken in a capsule or gel cap form like vitamins or supplements. The effect, duration and dosing are similar to that of edibles.

Hemp CBD Drinks

CBD Drinks are beverages that are infused with CBD. They come in a variety of forms such as water, juice, mixers, energy shots and sodas. They are good for people who are active and prefer their CBD in a consumable form. The effect, duration and dosing are similar to that of edibles.

Hemp CBD Topicals & Salves

Cannabis tinctures and oil can also be infused in a balm, lotion or ointment and applied directly to the skin. Patients report that cannabis topicals can be effective for pain, inflammation, infections, and skin conditions. Because they are applied externally, topicals and salves are not psychoactive or produce a “high”.

Hemp CBD Cannabis Oil

Hemp CBD Oil can be taken orally, sublingually or applied topically. Hemp CBD Oil can also be used in a vaporizer or used to cook with. Some Hemp CBD Oils come with an applicator for measured dosing as Hemp CBD Oil can be made very strong and is one of the truest forms of CBD.

Hemp CBD Isolate

Hemp CBD Isolate is a white powder that can be smoked, vaporized, taken orally or mixed in with food and it is the purest form of CBD. Hemp CBD Isolate is generally the main component in other CBD products like Hemp CBD edibles and Hemp CBD drinks.